Top 10 Tips to Keep Bugs Away This Fall

Fall might herald in extremely pleasant weather and the smell of warm aromas in the air, but for most homeowners, fall all heralds a time where their property gets infested by bugs of multiple kinds. The last glimmer of warmth before the cold winter often serves as a major factor in driving insects in search of environments that are not quite as harsh. The tiny cracks and crevices across your home serve as the perfect spot for these bugs to congregate. Some may even lay their eggs in spots, fully intending to make the warmest conditions. Here we break down Sacramento’s Best Pest Control to remove all bugs.

What are some common fall bugs that you might notice?

  • You may find hordes of centipedes making their presence known during fall.
  • Silverfish tend to congregate in large numbers on books and sweaters. 
  • Crickets often signify that fall is on its way, and you can find them all around your porch during this time.

Fall is the mating season for many spiders, and you can find them coming out of the woodworks. You may also find box elder bugs forming big clumps near window frames and sliding doors. 

How to get rid of insect infestation during fall?

  • Make sure that there is no patch of moisture around that may attract bugs.
  • Seal up any tiny cracks or crevices in your home which may serve as hiding and breeding spots for these insects.
  • If you have an open door, it might be a good idea to screens to avoid them from getting in.
  • If there are any piles of old or rooting wood, you might want to get rid of them immediately.
  • Clean up the kitchen and ensure there are no entry points for bugs to come in.
  • Always make sure that your trash is being disposed of in a timely fashion and not allowed to fester in a corner.

Make sure you keep an eye out for what you might be bringing into your home from the outdoors. If you have a fire pit in your yard, ensure that it is well cleaned and there is no chance of it attracting insects. Always keep a lookout for bug droppings or dead insects as these might be tell-tale signs of a bug infestation. Have your home regularly checked by insect terminators and prevent them from further entering in.

While most of these bugs entering your property at this time of the year would be generally harmless, you would still want to ensure that your surroundings are kept free from any bugs. Most bugs would tend to mate during the fall and lay eggs which may lead to further infestations down the road. Apart from this, the larvae that are being produced may damage the property and belongings around you. Most of them tend to eat on wood and paper leading to the damage being done to properties. By ensuring a few practices, you can stay bug-free this fall using.