Not a day goes by that there are not environmental messages thrust upon us through the media. They cover a wide range of messages and have a wide variety of motives.

So where do EcoSmart Electricians sit in the ocean of green messages that continue to roll in like waves? For the contractor is it all about being green?

At the beginning of the EcoSmart Electricians program, NECA commissioned research to provide a view of what motivates the consumer. The good news for the contractor is that the domestic consumer is not totally motivated by price. It does depend on what sort of work they require, but the key motivators for the domestic consumer are safety, expert advice and professionalism.

By becoming an EcoSmart Electrician you are demonstrating that you and your business are responsive to the changing needs of the market. It exhibits that your business is attuned to the latest technological developments and thus, you can provide the consumer with the right advice they are looking for.

The research investigated two types of work. The first type being ‘Urgent Repairs’ and the second being ‘Renew’ which included work such as renovations, new appliances and installation of energy management and generation technologies. These last two areas are where the EcoSmart Electrician can really differentiate himself from his competitors.

The consumer has a myriad of choices when it comes to gaining information about energy management and energy generation such as solar systems. The results of our research show that the consumer doesn’t know who to trust. The key message we want to communicate is that the consumer can trust an EcoSmart Electrician.

So, the answer to the question at the beginning of this article is then, No, it’s not all about being Green.

From a contractors perspective it is about providing a more extensive service to the customer. From the customers point of view it’s about using an expert in their field that can be relied upon. Thus whether the motivations of the customer are environmental, economic or a combination of both, becoming an EcoSmart Electrician provides benefits for your business and your customers.